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profiles – Profile Measurement System employees Laser Technology to measure the following critical Parameters of the Tread besides logging the data on real-time basis. These parameters are vital in the tire industry for in-process analysis.

The system comprises a Laser Transmitter and Receiver unit mounted firmly on a Rigid C steel frame and a smooth traverse mechanism to move the product gently at a steady speed while the scan is being done. Suitable guides are there so as to guide the products one-by-one in a line. A servo motor drive unit is driving the system. The ScanPro software displays all the measured images on a real-time basis and plotted graphically for easy and quick analysis by the QC supervisor.


  • Tread Profile Measurement
  • Panel and Board Measurement
  • Sheet and Calendar Measurement
  • Gypsum Board
  • Wood Panels
  • Slabs & Sheet
  • Plywood
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