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Reel Type Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Reel Wrapper is a machine specially designed for packing paper, film, foil and similar materials manufactured in reels. Axial Wrapping: The machine is designed to apply layers of film across the face diametrically and wrap them along the longitudinal axis.
The longitudinally applied wraps are moved along the periphery with uniform overlap forming a cocoon type packing. This packing is completely Moisture & Dust proof and protects the product.

  • Pesticides reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Pharmaceutical reel wrapping machine
  • Textile reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Talcum Powder roll wrapping machine
  • Bottle reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Gift Items reel wrapping machine
  • Pickle bottle reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Books roll wrapping machine
  • Stationery roll stretch wrapping machine
  • Playing Cards reel wrapping machine
  • Mineral Water Bottle Welding rods reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Pesticides reel wrapping machine
  • Pharmaceutical reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Textile reel wrapping machine
  • Talcum Powder reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Bottle reel wrapping machine
  • Gift Items reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Pickle bottle Cosmetics reel wrapping machine
  • Books reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Stationery reel wrapping machine
  • Playing Cards reel stretch wrapping machine
  • Mineral Water Bottle Welding rods reel wrapping machine 

Use in Boxes Packing Can be used in various industries like Pharma, Food, Chemicals, Pesticide paper, Printing Flexor Roll, Metal Ind. Roll & Ropes
• Can be used as Reel Wrapper and Pallet Wrapper & Change-over is by a single switch.
• Counter gives Stretch % applied & quantity of Film consumed in each Reel / Pallet.
• Provision for a wide range of reel diameters.
• Various levels of protection can be achieved by using flexible control of turntable and Reel speeds.
• Completely automated machine.
• Sturdily built for handling reels up to 1.5 tonnes by weight.
• Low profile height of turntable for easy loading and unloading of reels.
• Pit mounting of the machine is possible so that loading & unloading of Reels is at Ground Level.
• Applies pre-stretched film delivered from State-of-Art Powered Pre-Stretch Unit.
• Film stretch percentage can be easily adjusted to optimize film consumption and provide sufficient protection.
• Ideally suited for paper, film foil, tyrecord fabrics and similar materials produced in reel form.
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