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Sleeve Sealing Shrink Packaging Machine

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Product Description
We are manufacturer and exporter of Shrink Sleeve Applicator, and exporting to various the Middle East and African Countries.
  • Materials: stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Compact structure
  • No need to fasten feet bolts to the ground, it can be moved flexibly
  • Shrinking film volume label frame: adjustable according to different volume label paper pipes from 5 to 10
  • Gear device can be adjusted conveniently without using tools, which makes it suitable for different bottles
  • Servo motor and high-delicacy photo-electricity from Japan make the cutting label precise
  • The applicable diameter of bottle body: 28 to 120mm
  • Applicable length of the label: 30 to 250mm
  • Applicable thickness of label: 0.03 to 0.13mm
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