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4 Axis Spring Coiling Machine

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4 Axis Spring

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Our 4 axis spring coiling machines are highly appreciated and accepted by the industry customers for its precision, durability, speed, and price. Our machines will produce high accuracy springs with optimum speed. We have a professional and experienced R&D team for manufacturing machines to meet customer demands.

4-axis spring coiling machines are suitable for the production of springs, tension (without loops), and rings. The automatic spring program feature reduces the set-up time. We supply a series of 4axis spring coiling machines to our customers at attractive prices. We will test run the machine before we ship to ensure, all the mechanical and electrical parts are working fine or not.

Make your selection from the spring coiling machine models below.

Available Models: SC-416 & SC-435


Model SC-416
Wire Diameter(mm) 0.3-1.6mm
Max OD 30mm
Wire Feeding Length unlimited
Wire Feeding Speed 125m/min
Total Power 5KW
Interface Language Chinese/English
Machine Size 900*1100*1500
Machine Weight 600kgs
Input Power 220v 3p 50/60Hz
Wire Decoiler 100KG


  • 4 servo motors and industrial computer control
  • Individual running servo control axis
  • Torsion device & tools supported
  • Faster 50% than normal ones
  • Decoiler speed up same time with machine
  • Signal shows on screen if any problem occurs
  • Inside set length testing system in computer
  • Three-way sorter is available
  • Automatic revise pitch on computer