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Tyre Bead Wire For Auto And Cycle Tyres

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Tyre bead wire is used for the manufacture of all types of pneumatic tires, such as tires for Trucks, Buses, Tractors, Cars Jeeps, Scooters, Rickshaws, Motor Cycles, Bicycles etc. The main function of tyre bead wire is to act as a reinforcement to the rubber and help to get a proper grip of tyre on the rim.Aarti Steels Limited is in a position to manufacture the entire range of tyre bead wire, viz. 0.70 mm to 2.00 mm.

The steel is made in an Electric ARC Furnace, refined in Ladle Furnace at Aarti's ARC Furnace Division, and is cast into Billets on a most modern billet casting machine. A comb-type ELECTROMAGNETIC STIRRING EQUIPMENT is used to get uniformity in billets. The billet, after inspection, is rolled into wire rods in a modern wire rod mill. The wire rod is stelmor cooled to achieve the required metallurgical properties. The wire rods are inspected and tested for tyre bead quality.

The suitable wire rods are drawn, patented, and processed to the finished size and bronze-coated in a modern coating line. They are re-spooled on a high-speed re-spooling machine to get straight casting. 

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