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Veterinary Medicine Homeopathic E Mastitis Drops

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E-Mastitis Drops (E-VET NO. 1) (Drops) offered comes in packing of 30ml and is used as homeopathic medicine for veterinary use only.
The medicine is suitable for treating cases related to clots/pus in milk, shrinkage of udder or teats, pain, inflammation of udder/teats, redness, reduced milk (mastitis). The vital ingredient support medicine comes with include Chamomilla 30c HPI 0.75ml, Apis Mel 30c HPI 0.75ml, Merc. Sol 200c HPI 0.75ml, Calc. Phos. 30c HPI 0.75ml, Aconite 30c HPI 0.75ml, Pulsatilla 30c HPI 0.75ml, Conium 30c HPI 0.75ml, Phellandrium 30c HPI 0.50ml, Alcohol Contents 90%V/V.
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